Neve 8128 (32 Channel)
*Maintained by Louis Benedetti*


Apple Mac Pro 12 Core
Pro Tools HD 12 – Native PCIe Card
Logic Pro X

AD/DA Conversion:

Antelope Orion 32 HD
*Can be fully synced with guest DAW via USB3*


MCI JH16 2″ 16 Track with Autolocate III
*Maintained by Jeff Chestak*


SPL 2381
Hear Technologies Hearback System
Hearback Mixers (x6)


Focal Twin6 Be
Yamaha NS10m (with Adcom 555 amp)
Pyle PCB3BK 3-Inch Mini Cube Bookshelf Speakers (PCA1 Amp)
KRK 10s Sub


Neve 81280 (x32)
API 515 (x10)
API 512c
Ampex MX-10 4×2 Mic / Line Mixer
RCA BA-31b (x4)
Focusrite ISA 828
Empirical Labs EL-9 Mike-E
Universal Audio 4-710d


Neve 81280 Filters/EQ (x32)
Empirical Labs Distressor (x2 Stereo Linked)
Empirical Labs EL-9 Mike-E
Alan Smart C1
Urei 1176
Urei LA-4
Urei LA-12
Urei 537A EQ
API 525
API 550b
DBX 160A
DBX 162
DBX 166
DBX 163
Amek PM01 EQ (x10)
Chameleon Labs 7720
Aphex Aural Exciter Type C


Death By Audio Echo Master
Roland Space Echo-201
Roland Chorus Echo SRE-555
T.C. Electronics D2
T.C. Electronics M2000
Sony DSP V55m
Electro Voice EVT54500 Spring Reverb


RCA 44
Coles 4038 (Stereo Pair)
Neumann U87
Neumann M147 Tube
Telefunken CU-29 Tube (Stereo Pair)
Telefunken M80
Telefunken M81
Telefunken M82
Gefell MT71
Gefell M900 (Stereo Pair)
Royer 121
Earthworks TC30 (Stereo Pair)
Josephson C42 (Stereo Pair)
AKG C414 B XLS (Stereo Pair)
AKG C451 B (Stereo Pair)
AKG D12e
AKG D112
AKG C535
AKG C214
AKG C1000 (x2)
Aston Origin
Sony ECM-999RP Stereo
Electro Voice RE 20
Electro Voice 630
Beyerdynamic M201c
Beyerdynamic M8 TG
Beyerdynamic M69n
Beyerdynamic Soundstar Mk2
Beyerdynamic Soundstar M4000
Sennheiser MD421 (x4)
Sennheiser MD441u
Altec 654a
Unidyne 55
Shure SM7b (x3)
Shure KSM32 (Stereo Pair)
Shure Beta52
Shure SM57 (x4)
Shure SM58 (X2)
GT55 LDC (x2)


Waves Gold Bundle
Waves Renaissance Bundle
Fab Filter Pro Q-3
Fab Filter Pro-L2
Fab Filter Pro-DS
Sound Toys 5 Bundle
Izotope Ozone
Izotope Neutron
Izotope Trash
Izotope Vocalsynth
Izotope RX
Vahalla VintageVerb
Softube Time and Tone Bundle
Synchro Arts VocALighn 3
Celemony Melodyne Editor 4
Avid BF Classic Compressors Bundle
Massey Bundle


Countryman Type 85 DI (x3)
Radial ProDI
Radial ProDI Stereo
Radial JDX Amp DI
Palmer PDI-09 Junction Guitar DI-box
Hughs and Kettner Red Box
DIYRE L2A Passive Reamp
Jensen Custom Mono Re-amp Box
Custom Stereo to Mono Summing box
Cloud Lifter CL-1