We are a group of musicians, engineers and producers who love music and understand the importance of a comfortable recording studio environment. We love the process of growing ideas into finished albums. We also believe that records should be exciting and sincere, so we do everything we can to facilitate that. We’re available for long and short term projects of all types and are always open to new ideas. The studio is also available for rental to outside engineers, producers and tech savvy artists.

Located in the historic Germantown/Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia, our main live room features 18′ ceilings, hardwood floors and plenty of space. We have multiple tuned isolation rooms which are great for overdubs and live recording situations. Our main control room features a Neve 8128 console and can comfortably fit multiple people in a proper listening environment. A large assortment of modern and vintage musical and recording gear is always available and ever expanding. We also offer on-site private garage parking and loading for artists and staff.


JOE BOLDIZAR - Owner/Chief Engineer

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ANDY CLARKE - Owner/Engineer

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Kyle Graham


Dave Klyman

Restorations/Worriers/Roger Harvey

Mitch Beer

Hoodie Allen/Stereo League/Filson

Josh Lerner

Evan Wize/Dayne Jordan/Cole Redding